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O Beautiful Not in Men's Eyes

To the Tune of "America The Beautiful"





Christ Claims His Reward 


P119:6 O Beautiful, not in men's eyes,

But My reward I claim,

Eternal life and happiness,

I've done Your righteousness.



P119:7 Then I will praise You uprightly,

When I've learned faithfully

To yield obedience to Your Word

By suffering, Lord!



P25:21 Perfection pure, and innocence,

Jehovah won't refuse,

Your righteousness is My defence,

I've come to pay My vows.



P37:37 Behold, the wicked are no more,

But mark the perfect One,

And all His upright ways explore,

They end in peace alone.



P26:1 Let My intergrity maintain,

And advocate My cause,

According as My ways have been,

Give, or deny applause.



P26:6 I'll wash My hands in innocence,

All purg'd pure and clean,

And then receive all Your blessings,

Around Your altar seen.



I'll shed abroad My streaming blood,

And sprinkle all My saints,

And fill them with My Spirit good,

And leave them no complaints.



P26:11 But as for I, do wrap Me up

In My intergrity,

And they who pledge Me in My cup,

Shall live, and never die.



I die, their own Redeemer, lo,

I die at Your command,

Eternal life through Me bestow,

To all your select band.



Song taken from Psalm 119:6-7

6 Then I shall not be ashamed, when I look to all Your Commands.

7 I will thank You with integrity of heart, in my learning the judgments of Your righteousness.


Psalm 25:21

21 Let purity and uprightness keep me, for I wait on You.


Psalm 37:37

37 Watch the perfect and behold the upright one; for the end of that man is peace.


Psalm 26:1,6,11

1 Judge me, O Jehovah, for I have walked in my integrity; I also have trusted in Jehovah; I shall not slide.

6 I will wash my hands in innocency; so I will go around Your altar, O Jehovah,

11 But I will walk in my integrity; redeem me and be gracious to me.




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