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Page history last edited by Andrew C Bain 13 years, 6 months ago

Psalm 109

3 And they hemmed me in with words of hating; and they fought against me without a cause.


John 15

25 But that may be fulfilled the Word that has been written in their Law, "They hated Me undeservedly."  Quoting P69:4







Psalm 109

8 let his days be few; and let another take his office;

9 his sons* be orphans, and his wife a widow;



Acts 1

20 For it has been written in the scroll of Psalms, Let his estate become forsaken, and he not be living in it. And, "Let another take his overseership." Also quoting P69:25




*Judas' "sons" must be referring to all the unbelieving reprobates that have followed after him.

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