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Psalms 26


P26:3 For Your mercy is before my eyes; and I have walked in Your truth. 

P26:4 I have not sat with lying men; and I will not go in with hypocrites;

P26:5 I have hated the assembly of evildoers, and I will not sit with the wicked.

P26:6 ΒΆ I will wash my hands in innocency; so I will go around Your altar, O Jehovah,

P26:9 Do not gather up my soul with sinners, nor my life with men of blood,

P26:11 But I will walk in my integrity; redeem me and be gracious to me.


Heb7:26 For such a High Priest was fitting for us: holy, harmless, undefiled, and separated from sinners, and having become higher than the heavens;





P26:12 My foot stands in an even place; in the assemblies I will bless Jehovah.


Heb2:11 For both the One sanctifying ...

Heb2:12 saying, "I will announce Your name to My brothers; I will hymn to You in the midst of the assembly." Psa. 22:22

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