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Psalm 50

9 I will take no bull out of your house, nor he-goats out of your folds,

10 for every beast of the forest is Mine; the cattle on a thousand hills;

11 I know all the birds of the mountains; and all moving in My fields are Mine;

12 if I were hungry, I would not tell you, for the world is Mine, and the fullness of it.


Matthew 28

18 And coming up Jesus talked with them, saying, All authority in Heaven and on earth was given to Me.








Psalm 50

17 Yea, you hate instruction and toss My Words behind you.

20 You sit; you speak against your brother; you give fault to the son of your mother.



Matthew 10

21 But brother will betray brother to death, and the father his child. And children will rise up against parents and will put them to death.


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