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God's Will Was Done



To the Tune of "Texas, Our Texas"




P10:17 God heard the cries,

Of His obedient Son,

Rais'd to the skies,

Because His will was done.


P10:18 God saves fatherless,

And judg'd the widow's cause,

And pluck'd the heirs of Righteousness

From hell's devouring jaws.


P11:4 "But You have pledg'd

Your holiness to Me,

When I fulfil your Righteousness,

I shall Your kingdom see."


P11:5 "I have done Your will,

And magnify'd Your law,

Your loyal subjects all to fill

With godly fear and awe."




Song taken from Psalm 10:17-18

17 O Jehovah, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will prepare their heart; Your ear will hear.

18 Judge the orphan and the crushed. No more shall the man of the earth continue to terrify.


And Psalm 11:4-5

4 Jehovah is in His holy temple; Jehovah, His throne is in the heavens; His eyes see; His eyelids will examine the sons of man.

5 Jehovah tries the righteous, but His soul hates the wicked and the one loving violence.


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