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Paul said in Galatians we are to glory ONLY in the cross of Christ. Indeed, Paul didn't want to anyone to think of him as a Jew, but only for someone who stood for the offense of the cross.


Let's be like Paul and glory only in Christ, not in where we live, or where we were born, etc.


"Let the WORD OF CHRIST" -- not the words of men -- "dwell in you richly, singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs" (Col 3:16)


Here are paraphrases of some Psalms. They will be updated every day for the next few days, so keep visiting.



The Christian Banner

(To the Tune of the American National Anthem)


Oh, say can you see

Adam sinn'd and died

With all mankind in

him, So Christ, Crucified

Atoned for Adam's crime



Paraphrase of Psalm 4:1 My Righteousness, 'Tis of Me

Introduction to this Song --

Christ glories in His grand employ,

Fools glory all in vain

He boldly to his Father cries,

The Father hears His Son


The Song (To the Tune of "God Save the Queen")


My Father, 'Tis Of Me,

My Righteousness to thee,

Of it I Sing,

I claim my mertis due,

And gladly pay my vow,

My righteousness, I call.

Willing victim fall.



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